Springtime in South Africa inspires new and trendy sunglasses

October is the most beautiful month of Spring in South Africa. The Johannesburg and Pretoria areas are a sea of purple as Jacaranda’s bloom.

Springtime in South Africa means we can bask in the warm sun and people are excited to be alive! With all this excitement, we are looking forward to new and exciting fashion trends.

We feel the sun shining down on us, see the flowers and trees blooming and need to express our excitement at all this warmth and newness around us.

Freckle Eyewear is ready for all this Spring excitement!

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” – Vivienne Westwood

South Africans live and breathe style. One fashion accessory all South Africans love, is a pair of beautiful and trendy sunglasses. The styles and trends in Sunglasses evolve quickly and for a trendy person, it may be hard to keep up with the latest trends. In the warm spring sunshine, South Africans love to wear the coolest types of sunglasses and at Freckle Eyewear we are sure to stock the latest luxury trends.

Trends for sunglasses, for this season, are cooler than ever. According to Marie Claire, ‘Sunglasses are the kind of thing you can justify spending on — bear in mind, if you buy them right, you’ll have them forever’.
In last month’s blog post, we identified the top five must-have styles for the new season, based on runway and street style trends which are:

• Embellished Shapes
• Tinted Lenses
• Retro Cat-Eyes
• Ski Goggles
• Flat-Top Visors

All of these styles are cool and trendy and also offer your eyes the necessary protection when you start warming yourself in the spring sun.

Freckle Eyewear understands that it’s Spring time and that all of us strive to wear something new and trendy. We stock a vast range of luxury brands ranging from Gucci to Tom Ford and every luxury brand in between. You are sure, no matter what your style choice is, to find the perfect pair of sunglasses at our stores.

Alessandro Michele from Gucci famously said, “The way you dress is really the way you feel, the way you live, what you read, your choices.”

Visit Freckle Eyewear today and we will help you express that wonderful style which you possess.
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