27 April commemorates the day in 1994 when the first democratic election was held in South Africa. We know what Freedom Day means in the context of history and in politics. Elections are all about choices and how individuals exercise their freedom of choice.

In all aspects of life, you are presented with choices and how you make choices affects your journey in life. Let’s look at another context within which you express your individuality through the choices you make. Fashion, through the ages, has been one of the ways within which people demonstrated who they were and how they chose to live. This has not changed and Fashion Houses like Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent are aware of this and every season use their creativity to redefine what it means to live a modern lifestyle.

What does the freedom to choose mean to you within the context of fashion? You are a fashionable, confident person and you live life to the fullest. Now you want to express yourself and your carefree lifestyle. No problem!

Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent are just some of the Fashion Houses that have incorporated both luxury and fun in their designs for sunglasses this season. If you want to feel modern, but at the same time, you want to be bold, there are so many choices open to you.

Gucci’s styles range from modern and unconventional to playful vintage touches. Prime amongst the range of sunglasses released this season are cat eye frames, in several different sizes and colours, and some rounded and rectangular shapes. With a new pair of Gucci sunglasses, you will be able to express your playful, fun side and still look like a star.

If you are looking for discretion and quality, Bottega Veneta also has some beautifully crafted rounded sunglasses. The Italian Fashion House is known for its eye for detail and high standards of luxury. Luxury and unsurpassed craftmanship is part of the Bottega Veneta brand and is expressed in the range of sunglasses they have released this season.

French sophistication is associated with the Saint Laurent brand, but they also understand that each individual is unique and should have the freedom to choose a style that expresses that individuality. Saint Laurent is also a brand worn by movie stars and sci-fi movies are trending at the moment. It is therefore exciting to see that the Fashion House has released a range of sunglasses with interesting and unusual shapes reminiscent of movies like the Matrix.

The point of all these shapes and designs is that the people who wear them has a range of choices available to them and that they are ultimately free to express themselves in whatever fashion they choose to do.

Freckle Eyewear also subscribes to this mantra and has all the latest designs from the most popular brands, like Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent. Contact us or visit any one of our stores and we will help you choose the pair of sunglasses which expresses your unique personality and style.

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