We celebrate Women’s Day annually and we continue to commit ourselves to diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and women are becoming partners in the South Africa’s success story.
In South Africa, we are proud to say that we are African woman (irrespective of our race), born and raised in Africa. We understand the plight of those women wanting to independently succeed in our society which has been culturally, socially, politically, and economically orientated towards men. In South Africa we have worked diligently to accomplish this aim of social equality and we seek to embrace diversity and inclusion as a personal priority in our lives at home and at work.
As women in today’s world we don’t have to sacrifice our femininity to be empowered. We have the confidence to wear amazing and fashionable outfits and accessories to emphasize this confidence. Fashion is a tool that can be utilised with success to reflect that we are beautiful and confident women claiming our rightful place in society. We embrace both our confidence and our femininity through fashion and by wearing statement pieces like a pair of branded luxury sunglasses.
Although all woman in South Africa are special, we are still women and like to be treated as special from time to time. Are you looking for a perfect gift to compliment a special woman in your life or are you a woman looking for a pamper gift for yourself? Look no further than Freckle Eyewear for that authentic, trendy, classic and stylish pair of sunglasses
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